~ Basic contractual payment terms for horses owned by FLYING A FARM~

*20% nonrefundable deposit ($100 minimum) and the balance paid on a monthly basis. Specialized contracts with balloon or varied payments are also available.

*Payments will be a minimum for $100.00 per month for horses selling for $1500.00 or less and are negotiable on other horses.

*A minimal board charge (varies according to paddock or pasture board) will apply for horses that remain here during the payment period. All horses sell with 60 days no charge board, beginning the date of sale, to allow for shipping arrangements to be made.

*Broodmares who foal out at Flying A Farm will assess a $100.00 foaling fee

*Any vet, farrier or other expenses will be the responsibility of the Buyer after a deposit has been placed on a horse.

~ Restrictions ~

*We do not offer show or breeding leases on mares or stallions during the payment period. They may be shown and/or bred, but it will be done under the Seller's name until payment in full has been made. Show leases are available for geldings only.

*Horses being purchased by payments may NOT be advertised or offered for sale by the Buyer without the Seller's express WRITTEN permission.

*Foals born to mares sold on payments are the sole property of the Seller until payment for the Dam has been paid in full.

*Foals out of mares sold on payments (born during the payment period) may NOT be sold or offered for sale without the Seller's express written permission until the mare has been paid for in full. If the foal is registered, it will be in the Seller's name until the mare has been paid for in full.

*If the horse's sale price is over $1500.00, we STRONGLY SUGGEST that the buyer insure the horse ($150.00 fee), with us as the loss-payee in case of death.

*If an INSURED horse dies during the payment period AND the insurance company pays the horse's full insured value to Flying A Farm, the Seller, we will refund the monies paid by the Buyer until that time, less the nonrefundable deposit.

*If an UNINSURED horse dies during the payment period the Buyer is still responsible for paying the entire purchase amount to the Seller within the contractual requirements.

*For time payments, we require a signed contract and prefer payment by postdated checks (mailed at the same time as the deposit & contract). This stops any confusion over due dates and mail mix-ups.

*Deposits and Payments may be made by Paypal.

*We are very aware that difficulties may arise and are happy to work with our Buyers in any way we can. In the event that a payment will be late or cannot be made by the due date, the buyer MUST contact Flying A Farm at least 2 days prior to the due date to make alternate arrangements. Returned checks will NOT be tolerated. Again, we are happy to work with our Buyers if there is a problem, but returned checks that affect our accounts will result in severe penalties.

*The Seller accepts NO financial or emotional responsibility for the illness, injury or death of any horse during the payment period, regardless of circumstances or lack of insurance.